Quality Management

Maintaining the trust of our customers is our top priority


We regard treating our customers in the best possible way as a self-understood pre-requisite. We respond to new desires and requirements with optimal solutions, deliver right on time, and provide the quality characteristics our customers expect. But this doesn’t just happen. It’s supported by a company-wide quality management system that covers all our processes – from customer enquiries and orders, to development and production, and right through to defect-free goods despatch.
The overall effect of our quality management system is to make us a trustworthy and reliable partner to our customers.

Highest quality in all respects is the most important requirement that allows us to be a premium player in a globally competitive market. Without a comprehensive quality management system, this simply wouldn’t be possible.
We will continue to follow this strategy going forward so as to anticipate and meet the increasing requirements of the market and of our customers.

Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001 international standard. In many cases, it’s the ‚ticket‘ that allows us to supply certain markets.

Mativ Quality Policy


As a global leader in specialty materials, Mativ is committed to delivering safe, high-quality products and services to our customers in compliance with all stakeholders’ requirements, applicable standards, and market regulations.

This policy is available for interested parties, internally communicated in local languages, and implemented at all levels of the organization, enhanced by direct management to ensure its good understanding and adoption.

Environmental Management

We protect our environment


Keeping the environmental impact of our activities as low as possible is a priority in our work. Our production processes have an infuence on aspects of the environment and we attempt to keep these as low as possible.

A key focus is on the water used by our paper machines, on emissions to air of our production processes, and on energy consumption.

It is our goal to constantly monitor these influences and to continuously reduce them.


Energy Management

Efficiency and Performance


We operate an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001.
As a result, we have designed our processes efficiently and continuously improve our energy-related performance.
We protect our environment, conserve resources and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.


Quality, Environmental & Energy


for Work Safety and Environmental Management

Nothing justifies risking an injury

Our health is our highest ambition. Economic aspects are subordinate.

Safe work, continuous environmental improvements and efficient use of energy are realistic goals

We define improvement goals, measures and responsibilities and monitor add´l their implementation. We provide the necessary information and resources. In this way, we increase occupational safety, protect our health, reduce the environmental impact and continuously improve the energy-related performance of our company.

Safety awareness and environmentally friendly behavior is a precondition for employment with us

We demand and promote awareness of occupational safety, health and environmental protection, as well as the most efficient use of energy. The basis for our actions is each compliance and requirements to which we commit ourselves and whose compliance we constantly review. We support the procurement of energy-efficient products and services.

Every incident, whether in terms of occupational safety or the environment, can and must be prevented

We reduce our risk potential through vulnerability analyzes and preventive measures. Corrective actions and preventive measures focus on eliminating the causes.

Each employee is personally responsible for occupational safety, health and environmental protection and the most efficient use of energy

We are all responsible for a safe workplace and the economical use of energy, raw materials and water. Waste prevention and reduction has our priority. We actively observe ourselves and our colleagues and thus prevent insecure behavior.