Technical media for different industries

For over 50 years Neenah Gessner has produced special technical papers and synthetic media for further processing across a wide variety of applications in diverse industry sectors.

Continuous product development in close cooperation with our customers delivers taylor-made products ideally suited both for further processing and for the end use.

Feldkirchen-Westerham (Weidach)

Filter Media for Automotive

For 50 years, Neenah Gessner has been developing and producing filter media for the widest variety of applications, both for liquid and air filtration. Media based either on paper or synthetics are suitable for all domestic and industrial applications and are tailored to suit individual customer requirements.
Our flexible and capable development team of technicians ensure that each medium meets all the varying needs of each customer.

Media from Neenah Gessner are at the technological leading edge and are continuously being improved in conjunction with our customers. They guarantee optimal performance under the most demanding conditions..

Filter media that meet the latest trends in automotive filter technology.

The automotive industry is subject to constant change. Requirements for safety, quality and environmental protection are constantly increasing. Diesel and gasoline engines are becoming more efficient and the performance expectation of individual engine parts is rising. And that includes the filter media used in air, oil and fuel filtration, all of which need to meet the increasing demands for long engine life and longer service intervals. That‘s because the choice of filter system can greatly reduce the degree of wear on engine parts.

Filter media from Neenah Gessner are used by many car manufacturers as first fit (OE), as well as in the worldwide after-market.

Filter media for industrial applications

Industrial filtration encompasses filter media for air cleaning systems requiring dust removal under low or high dust concentrations. Application areas include where there’s a risk of explosion, where spark erosion systems are being used, or in hydraulic applications. Here, too, Neenah Gessner’s gradient-density technology and our wide range of fiber technologies come into their own.

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Masking Tape

Carrier papers for adhesive tapes made by Neenah Gessner are used in the widest possible range of applications and have widely varying specifications.

The quality of the carrier paper alone can result in 10% faster machine speeds, and thanks to our coating process we can, for example, apply a release coat that suits your adhesive system. As a starting point, you can select either raw or impregnated paper. According to individual customer requirements, we can then change the colour, grammage, crepe profile and width.



Latex impregnated or latex coated papers are the foundation of the coated abrasives industry. Neenah Gessner develops and produces base papers for wet abrasives, for the flexible finishing market, and for the multi-task HT sector. Our papers come in 150 different versions and differ in their composition, grammage and coating type.

Application areas are diverse. Apart from waterproof base papers used in car repair shops and in car production or in the optical industry, we also produce flexible finishing papers in sheets for use by hand or as discs (with velcro or PSA added), as well as multi-task HT papers.

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