Sustainable packaging solutions made of coated paper

While reducing plastic is one of the most important topics to protect our environment, GESSNER is providing a base material for converters that is easy to print and provides heat sealability and bio-degradability.

Special features for an easy converting of your packaging solution

Our materials are made of FSC® certified pulp and are coated and saturated without using any fossil based raw materials. An one-sided coating provides the opportunity of printability we can apply an one-side coat weight up to 15g/m². Our materials additionally provide a moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR). With our heat sealable properties (A-A sealable-coated on coated side) you can convert our material without an additional glue. The elongation in MD is more than 6% and can therefore provide a perfect runability on printing and flowpack machines.

Additional options to choose

Other advantages to perfect your product? Our material is available with a pre-saturation with natural based materials to improve the softness of the paper. The recyclability can be certified by the PTS or you can have an ISEGA certification, means every ingredient is harmless for food contact. And there is a two-ply coating available which increases the heat sealable properties for your converting process.





  • Bio degradable
  • Printable
  • MVTR - Moisture vapour transmission rate
  • FSC® certified raw materials
  • High elongation
  • Heat sealable
  • Free of micro plastics
  • One side coating


Additional Options

  • Improved softness
  • PTS certification
  • ISEGA certification
  • Double coating

Sustainability and recyclability are the megatrends of the future. Especially in the packaging sector, not all possibilities have been exhausted. The current packaging materials law of the BMUV still allows that 5% of the components of a packaging must not yet be fully compostable by the year 2030. Put simply, there are currently gaps in the law here where there is a gray area.  
We have already started thinking about the future and have developed a packaging material that is 100% ecodegradable. But it also offers many other advantages for the processor of packaging materials.

Our "EP" materials consist of base paper made from FSC® certified sustainable raw materials, as well as the pre-impregnation, which positively influences the feel of the paper. The coating, of these packaging materials is free of petrochemical components and therefore 100% ecological.

The manufacturing process for the production of bags also offers great advantages without the use of latex. For example, the material with its special coating is heat sealable, can be easily and permanently bonded by means of a heat seal without the need for another process step or auxiliary materials. Due to the one-sided coating on the inside of the bag to be produced, it is still easy to print on from the outside and due to the excellent elongation in machine direction (MD) of 6.5%, it offers very good machinability on printing presses and flowpack systems.

Another major advantage of the material is its water vapor barrier (MVTR), as it protects products inside the packaging from moisture. Accordingly, it can also be used to package powders or dry foodstuffs, for example. ISEGA certification, which promises that all ingredients are safe for contact with food, is also available.

In addition, previous processing of the paper has shown an extremely low tendency to dust. Printing machines sometimes have to be cleaned frequently during printing - with our material, the machine can be operated up to 5 times longer than with market competitors.


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