Stretch Wrap

While reducing plastic is one of the most important topics we have your solution for a sustainable and environmental-friendly materials wrapping for form-fit pallet packaging. With our outstanding elongation in machine direction of up to 20% without tearing, we can help wrapping your products to fix it on the pallets for a safe transportation.

Replacement of plastic-based wrapping materials

Our raw paper is based on FSC® certified pulp and can be used for wrapping applications to substitute plastic films. The elongation can be chosen up to 20% in machine and 8% in cross direction.
Our material is recyclable and we can apply bio-coatings to get barrier properties.


  • Raw paper based on FSC® certified pulp
  • Can be used for Wrapping applications to substitute plastic films
  • Elongation
    in MD 15 % in CD 8 % or
    in MD 20 % in CD 8 %
  • Recyclable
  • We can apply coatings to get barrier properties

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