Sustainable Packaging Materials - an anti-abrasive solution to protect polished & sensitive surfaces

If you want to protect high-class surfaces from scratches, dust and dirt in a sustainable way – you better reach out to us and explore our 100% cellulose paper packaging solution with a very soft feel.
Compared to current materials we abstain from any excipients on fossil based components to protect the environment.             

Protects polished & sensitive surfaces

Our raw paper is based on FSC® certified pulp and can be used for surface protection on painted or polished surfaces. The material offers a very soft feel and is free of wet strength agents. Additionally, it is recyclable and therefore a real fiber-based solution to replace plastic and to reduce plastic-waste.




  • Raw paper based on FSC® certified pulp
  • Can be used for surface protection of painted or polished surfaces
  • Very soft feel of the paper
  • Free of wet strength agents
  • Recyclable

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