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It´s people who make all the difference between one company and another

Our Vision

People at Neenah Gessner strive to deliver only the best.
Our personnel management is an important
driver behind a climate of innovation, service and all-round excellence.


Our Mission

We want to srive for, and achieve, excellence in all areas
of activity, what  will lead to business success.


We are always looking for motivated & talented employees

for sure there is also the right position for you!

Working at Neenah Gessner offers several advantages

When the work is fun, everyone benefits.

As an employer, we offer financial, personal and sports incentives. The satisfaction & safety of our employees are our top priority. We create an environment in which our employees feel comfortable and can give their best.

We offer many flexible working time models and also provide regular opportunities for further training. In addition, we promote the personal development of each individual through an extensive selection of qualification courses. We have a very good working atmosphere where teamwork and communication are paramount. We firmly believe that good cooperation leads to better results and strengthens our company.

As an attractive employer, we also offer our employees the opportunity to engage in sports. Our GessnerAktiv program, the Wellfit Pass or even the JobRad, offer our employees the opportunity to improve their fitness and regularly participate in various sports activities and keep fit.

Our goal is to create a pleasant working atmosphere and at the same time increase the productivity of our employees. We want Neenah Gessner GmbH to be a place where our employees enjoy working and can advance their careers.

If you would like to become part of our team, we look forward to receiving your application!








Our Human Resources Management


Management culture

The success of a company depends to a large extent on how its managers interact with their employees. Management development is therefore one of our strategic goals.

A process for the systematic development of leadership behavior has been running in our company since 2001. The group of participants includes around 100 managers - from shift supervisors to managing directors. The formulated and regularly reviewed leadership culture sets the framework for a common understanding of leadership.


Our HR - Key Statistics 2022


Total number of employees694
Average length of service             15 years
Employee turnover3,8%
Apprenticeship quota3,5%

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