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It’s people who make all the difference between one company and another.

Our Vision
People at Neenah Gessner strive to deliver only the best.Our personnel management is an important driver behind a climate of innovation, service and all-round excellence.

Our Mission
We want to strive for, and achieve, excellence in all areas of activity, what will lead to business success.

Career Opportunities

Human Research Management

at Neenah Gessner


Neenah Gessner´s Management Culture

The success of a company is strongly connected with how its management interacts with all staff. Management development is therefore one of our strategic goals.

Since 2001, a process has been on-going in our company to systematically develop our management. Participants number about 100 managers – from shift manager to chief executive. The criteria for our management policy were set out in 2004 and are regularly reviewed. They set the parameters for a common understanding of what management means in our company.

Our management policy can be downloaded here


HR - Key Statistics 2021

Total number of employees661
Average age42,2 years
Average length of service15,6 years
Absentee rate95,5%
Employee turnover2,3%
Number of new job applicants              110
Apprenticeship quota4,4%
Further training per employee0,4 Days, Corona!