In the laboratories of our research and development centre, we carry out tests on our media according to the latest norms and standards. As part of our quality management system, tests and checks are continually undertaken.

In the filtration sector, we have a range of test equipment available enabling us to be a competent development partner in your chosen application and to ensure filter media are tested to the appropriate standard.


DIN EN 779:2012
Determining filter performance for particle air filters for ambient room air conditioning

DIN EN 1822-3:2009
Testing of flat sheet filter media for filter for suspended particles

DIN 71460-1
Air filters for truck cabins – Part 1: test method for particle filtration

ISO 5011
Air filters for combustion engines and compressors

VDI 3926-II
Tests for recleanable [reverse pulse]  filters

ISO 19438
Filters for diesel and gasoline  – Determination of initial efficiency by counting of particles and determination of dirt holding

BS ISO 4020
Fuel filters in diesel engines

ISO 4548-12
Test method for full-flow oil for combustion engines – Part 12: Determination of efficiency by counting particles and dust holding capacity