News & Facts #16 [2014]

FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council®
By producing FSC® certified media, Neenah Gessner is promoting and supporting the responsible management of forests worldwide.


News & Facts #15 [2014]

The Next Generation of Water-durable, Flame-proof Air filter Media.


News & Facts #14 [2014]

Pulse Jet Filtration 2.0 – with IFA-M Certification for G85k

Neenah Gessner's medium G85k was tested for the use in dust machinery and equipment and received in the course the IFA-M certification for this Pulse Jet medium.


News & Facts #9 [2012]

New technology for high efficient diesel filter media


News & Facts #5 [2012]

Pulse Jet Filtration


News & Facts #4 [2011]

The Type Number System of Filtration Media