Terms of Delivery and Payment

We deliver in accordance with the "General Terms of Sale (GToS) of the Pulp and Paper Manufacturers of the EC" und in accordance with the following supplementary provisions:


1. Payment of our invoices

The payment term shall start at the date of invoice. All payments shall be made as early enough as to enable us to have the amounts at our disposal at the last day of the term of payment. A payment by note shall be only permitted, if allowed by us in our acknowledgement of order. A cash discount shall not be granted in case of a payment by note. Principally, we request the settlement of our invoices through bank transfers. All payments shall be made to:

Neenah Gessner GmbH
D-83052 Bruckmühl 

Bank data for payments in Euro:
Account no.: 38 29 227
Unicredit Bank AG Rosenheim
Bank Code: 711 200 77
Swift Code: HYVEDEMM448 
IBAN: DE50 7112 0077 0003 8292 27

Bank data for payments in USD:
Account no.: 612 56 86
Commerzbank Rosenheim
Bank Code: 711 400 40
Swift Code: COBADEFF711
IBAN: DE47 1140 0410 6125 6860 00  


2. Default

In case the satisfaction of our claim for payment is put in danger due to a deterioration of the customer’s financial condition having occurred or become known after concluding the contract, we shall be entitled to demand advance payment and immediate settlement of all invoices both outstanding and not yet due, to retain goods not delivered yet, and to suspend the processing of any outstanding orders. In case the customer defaults, default interest in the amount of 8% above the applicable discount rate of the European Central Bank shall be payable. The claim for these interests shall not vitiate our right to assert further damage caused by delay.


3. Liability

We shall be liable for defects in the delivered goods only within the limits of the warranty provisions of the GToS. Any further liability shall be excluded. This shall also apply to any third party damage and consequential damage. The purchaser shall be responsible for verifying the fitness of our goods for the purpose of use intended by the purchaser.


4. Place of performance

The place of delivery shall be our supplying plant. For delivered goods not manufactured in our plant the place of delivery shall be Bruckmühl in case there is any doubt. The place of payment shall be Bruckmühl.


5. Jurisdiction

All disputes, irrespective of the amount in dispute, shall be settled, at our option, by the Local Court of Rosenheim or the District Court of Traunstein.


6. Terms of purchasing of the purchaser

diverging from our Terms of Delivery and Payment shall only apply if confirmed by us in writing. 


Neenah Gessner GmbH,
Registered Office: Bruckmühl, Managing Director: Armin Schwinn
Register Court: Traunstein, HRB No. 15976, Tax ID: 156/126/41101
VAT ID: DE 234 452 911