Maintaining the trust of our customers is our top priority.

We regard treating our customers in the best possible way as a self-understood pre-requisite. We respond to new desires and requirements with optimal solutions, deliver right on time, and provide the quality characteristics our customers expect. But this doesn’t just happen. It’s supported by a company-wide quality management system that covers all our processes – from customer enquiries and orders, to development and production, and right through to defect-free goods despatch.
The overall effect of our quality management system is to make us a trustworthy and reliable partner to our customers.

Highest quality in all respects is the most important requirement that allows us to be a premium player in a globally competitive market. Without a comprehensive quality management system, this simply wouldn’t be possible.
We will continue to follow this strategy going forward so as to anticipate and meet the increasing requirements of the market and of our customers.

Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001 international standard. In many cases, it’s the ‚ticket‘ that allows us to supply certain markets. 


Our Quality Management System ISO 9001