"Our strategy for success involves speedily converting new ideas into marketable products. That´s what secures our common future - for you, your customers and for all our employees.

Our customers value our innovative solutions and the on-going improvement of our products, processes and services. Our strength is our flexibility: with short and therefore quick lines of decision-making, we can react swiftly and flexibly to changing market conditions.

The Quality Management systems of Neenah Gessner assure that our products and services are delivered in the right quality, at the right time, and to all the agreed conditions. It guarantees that all our employees are working in a secure way, and that environmental impacts are held to an absolute minimum. With uniform quality standards in all parts of our business, we guarantee you - now as before - high value, top quality products."

[Armin Schwinn, Managing Director Neenah Gessner GmbH and Senior Vice President Neenah Germany]