We protect our environment

Keeping the environmental impact of our activities as low as possible is a priority in our work. Our production processes have an infuence on aspects of the environment and we attempt to keep these as low as possible.

A key focus is on the water used by our paper machines, on emissions to air of our production processes, and on energy consumption.

It is our goal to constantly monitor these influences and to continuously reduce them.



Our Environmental Management System ISO 14001

We operate an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system. This helps us to be able to control the effects on the environment and to continuously improve environmental protection.





FSC® certification

The FSC® certification stands for sustainable forest management - the careful use of resources. In our case, cellulose, which we use for most of our products.
Through this certification, we ensure that for FSC® products only celluloses are used, which are produced and processed under the strict FSC® rules.
Thus, we support our customers in their efforts to produce products with the FSC® label.

For more information, see www.fsc.org