Neenah Gessner´s Management Culture

The success of a company is strongly connected with how its management interacts with all staff. Management development is therefore one of our strategic goals.

Since 2001, a process has been on-going in our company to systematically develop our management. Participants number about 100 managers – from shift manager to chief executive. The criteria for our management policy were set out in 2004 and are regularly reviewed. They set the parameters for a common understanding of what management means in our company.

Our management policy can be downloaded here


HR - Key Statistics 2014

Total number of employees 585
Average age 41 Years
Average length of service 14 Years
Absentee rate [year] 96%
Employee turnover [year] 0,5%
Number of new job applicants at Neenah Gessner 330
Apprenticeship quota 5%
Further training per employee [year] 1,5 days