With an apprenticeship at Neenah Gessner, you’ll be setting the right course for a successful career. We set great store by thorough training, and we’re here to support you in both your work or in any personally-related issues – right from the start and throughout each and every day.

You’ll immediately find yourself a part of a living community in which everyone has a vital role. Together we’re successful with each learning fromantoher. Together we can successfully develop our already leading international position. For that we clearly need good employees. Perhaps you could be one of them!

Securing an apprenticeship with Neenah Gessner need not be too difficult if you satisfy the following points:

  • Your school qualifications should correspond with your chosen job (description of which you´ll find in the individual presentations for each apprenticeship).
  • You should know what to expect in your chosen job.
  • You should have considered why you´d like to take an apprenticeship with Neenah Gessner.
  • Good communication skills are important for any job.
  • Hard work, initiative and reliability are important for any job.