Filter media for industrial applications

Industrial filtration encompasses filter media for air cleaning systems requiring dust removal under low or high dust concentrations. Application areas include where there’s a risk of explosion, where spark erosion systems are being used, or in hydraulic applications. Here, too, Neenah Gessner’s gradient-density technology and our wide range of fiber technologies come into their own.

Combining cellulose or synthetic fibres with our micro- or nano-fibres allows us to produce multi-layered media for reverse pulse filter systems where the dust cake is periodically removed by a high pressure air pulse. GESSNER® Nanospin, a nano-fibre material made of fibres with a diameter of 100 – 500nm, is characterised by high strength and very good particle efficiency. GESSNER® Micromelt meltblown fibres have a diameter of 800nm and, depending on the application, can be made from different polymers. Depending on individual requirements, layers of at least 10gsm are possible.

To suit individual applications, we use either ultrasonic, thermo-calender or adhesive technologies to ensure the layers of our multi-layered media are securely bonded.



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