Filter media for engine oil

Diversity in oil filtration.

Motor oil has to meet diverse requirements. When fuel is burned in an engine, temperatures of over 2000°C are generated under high pressures. Dirt particles and soot get into the oil circulation system. Oil filter media must remove these contaminants and store them and do so at high temperatures and despite oils containing high volumes of additives.

Ever-reducing space under the hood, reduced oil volumes, longer service intervals and higher efficiency requirements continuously present ever higher demands on filter materials and how they are combined.

Depending on customer requirements, cellulose, synthetic or glass fibres are used in our filter media. This spans from media containing only cellulose to media made from 100% synthetic fibres and anything in between, and from media consisting of just one layer to those with many. Resin impregnations optimised for oil filtration significantly improve resistance to hot oil while keeping the media stiff and stable.