Flexible finishing papers

NEENAH* abrasive backings for dry finishing applications provide the right balance of strength, flexibility and tear for the tough jobs encountered today, including wood, automotive, marine, furniture and metal sanding. Unlike many conventional kraft papers, NEENAH* dry finishing abrasive backings are latex saturated and coated for excellent flexibility, durability, surface receptivity and end-product performance.

Latex helps provide toughness, flexibility and the internal bond strength that provides delamination resistance to the paper backing. This internal bond strength is important in preventing delamination of the paper in pressure sensitive adhesive or hook and loop attachment systems. These products are also suitable for either mechanical or hand sanding applications. 

NEENAH* dry finishing papers also include barrier coatings designed for use with common water-based make coatings, such as animal-hide glue. These tough barrier coatings help improve grain adhesion and maintain full flexibility of the base by preventing make coat penetration, which can cause embrittlement. Barrier coatings can also help improve the adhesion and resistance to penetration of non-glue make coat systems, such as the UF, PF and epoxy-based systems used in dry finishing applications.